Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Majority of the Internet users don't know the value of a Blog talkless of I want to blog on the Net! Why? Because what they want on the Net is different entirely from creating another confusion or whatever, whereas blogging is a pot of goldmine for anyone who knows about it. Have this following tips, great value indeed. 1. Stream of Income- As the whole humanity affairs is turning to the information age and no suprise everything is going digitally. Then a stream of income is neatly possible from blogging to support our daily income, most especially by blogging about the knowledge we have or it can be to showcase our company news or the creation of trends isn't left out in this order. All these can be monetize. 2. Make yourself known on the Net- With your blog, full of latest news and some other information, the traffic towards it will creat your popularity on the Net and who knows the experts in you can be turned to a business which no one can signal the length it can move to in the future. Thanks.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

So glad I'm today to see that, my great daughter is celebrating her third years 'Birthday' today. Having another year added to her life from God made me the happiest Dad today, I can express my dip joy , but the only thing I know is God is good to me and the family. From the bottom of my Heart I say thank so much Lord for this opportunity, and forever My family shall be grateful to you. Mum Queen, thanks so much for your unconditional Love for the family, I love you forever. Queen as you celebrate today may the good Lord guide and enrich your life with unend Love and goodies.. May His opportunity for you continue to grow in an infinity level. Dad Love You so much and wish you many better days ahead. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my Love.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The US is planning to open Virtual Embassy for the the people of Iran country which is only on the Internet. What are great development first time since 30yrs of no embassy for Iran. From the Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton, 1. Virtual Embassy would open by the end of 2011 and give Iranians information about Visas and student exchange programs. 2.'We want to create better relations first and formost with the Iranian people.' Well, this is great and no doubt, many 'VIRTUAL EMBASSY' would come to stay.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

No matter the situation and the what ever, going ahead is still the best solution. You may be wondering about all the outcome of the life to you, inspite of your contribution and the call, you are still where you are. Don't stop go ahead. The road may be bad and without neat or all is full of bend and corners, the story is even the same after you have traveled so many distance, go ahead my fellow a day of glory would soon come. Never and never you look back, you are nearer the destination than when you started it. Never you wait a little because of distraction, look ahead and go ahead the glory would soon come! Cheer.

Monday, 17 October 2011


My time the most expensive thing I have in my life. Wasting of time is equal to the wasting of ones life. It's not that the 24 hours per day not enough for me, but how do I manage it to cater for my needs and the brighter future of mine. My time be enough for me and allow me to achieve more than my expectation. Henceforth the use of my time would be accounted for. Cheers.
The undisputable aspect of the 80/20 principle is great. Even though it was considered in the beginning as the way the the share of the wealth or control of it was in existence. Well, nowadays the principle has gone wide to all our daily activities and the achievers capitalize on the power of the principle to move ahead by achieving more in their different calls. I can not measure the extent this principle has gone to, but in my own view the people who hold the treasure of many places make use of it to the letter, even though the bottom line of it's that some don't know they are using the principle and I want us to know that, the wide people who know about the strenght and the little about how long the principle can make them to achieve refused to use it. With all the power and opportunity this principle has, no human race can not achieve whatever by the use of the principle. The 80/20 principle has more deeper meaning in the field of Economics more than any other field combined. Cheer.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

'My Day!'

It's lovely to start a day with the best in all that we do, having the best in all gives us the chance to have a better day and at the end little or the best must have achieved, which highly contribute to our future success. How do you start your day? Your beginning of the day speaks volume about your stepping stone and the better day could be achieved by stating the day in a better way. Happy Day ahead! Cheer.