Monday, 17 October 2011

The undisputable aspect of the 80/20 principle is great. Even though it was considered in the beginning as the way the the share of the wealth or control of it was in existence. Well, nowadays the principle has gone wide to all our daily activities and the achievers capitalize on the power of the principle to move ahead by achieving more in their different calls. I can not measure the extent this principle has gone to, but in my own view the people who hold the treasure of many places make use of it to the letter, even though the bottom line of it's that some don't know they are using the principle and I want us to know that, the wide people who know about the strenght and the little about how long the principle can make them to achieve refused to use it. With all the power and opportunity this principle has, no human race can not achieve whatever by the use of the principle. The 80/20 principle has more deeper meaning in the field of Economics more than any other field combined. Cheer.

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